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NCAA iBottleopener 4 - UCLA Lightbulb Moments 

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NCAA iBottleopener 4 - UCLA Lightbulb Moments

Part No.: 1205
Manufacturer: Lightbulb Moments
UPC: 765068120502
Product Code: 557851-UCLA

This product is available for pre-order.

The iBottlopener is a hard shell two part slider case for the iPhone 4. The iBottleopener has an integrated metal bottle opener molded into the case. The interior of the iBottleopener case is rubberized to protect the glass from any scratching while removing or installing the case. The bottle cap never comes in contact with your phone and the case is completely sealed under the opener to prevent moisture from coming in contact with the iPhone 4.

Lightbulb Moments, a division of Pacific Direct, is located in Santa Barbara, California. They design high-quality accessories like the iBottleopener that are both fun and functional.


  • Hard shell slider case
  • Soft-touch rubberized finish
  • Stainless steel opener
  • Completely sealed from iPhone-moisture proof
  • Gift boxed


  • iPhone 4 (16/32GB)
  • iPhone 4 AT&T (16/32GB)
  • iPhone 4 CDMA (16/32GB)
  • iPhone 4 GSM (16/32GB)
  • iPhone 4 Verizon (16/32GB)

Product Dimensions

Product: 1" 2.5" 4.5" 0.2 lb.
Product Box: 1" 3" 6" 0.3 lb.
Inner Pack: 36 ea. 7.3" 17" 15.7" 9.1 lb.
Case: 72 ea. 14.6" 17" 15.7" 18.2 lb.

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