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Clingo Universal Mobile Neklit 

CODE: CL30268

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Clingo Universal Mobile Neklit

Model: 30268
Manufacturer: Clingo
UPC: 352863026858
Product Code: CL-30268

How many pockets do you search when your phone rings? Clingo's Universal Mobile Neklit by Clingo takes it out of your pocket and secures it around your neck so it’s close at hand. Not only is your phone securely fastened to the necklet, it eliminates the frantic frenzy of searching for your phone when it rings. Yeah Clingo!

Clingo’s Universal Mobile Neklit is as small as a business card and built to securely hold ANY phone or mobile device that you own. The design offers a comfortable, adjustable lanyard and two quick ways to remove your device: quick press and peel application or slide your attached device away from the strap.


- Securely holds ANY phone or mobile media device conveniently and securely around your neck.
- Allows for easy access to incoming calls, text messages, emails, music, etc., while you're on-the-go.
- Secure, adjustable lanyard provides a personalized fit.
- Removable clip provides allows a quick and easy detachment of the lanyard.

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